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Prodtype is a SaaS aim to improve efficiency through continuous refinement

Every workflow consists of content, tasks, communication, and scheduling. Prodtype will encapsulate these features to enable productive workflows.


I use Apple notes for its offline capabilities but cannot efficiently collaborate with others. I use Trello to manage software objectives, but it is hard to prioritize personal tasks. I use Notion to collaborate on notes with team members, but it is hard to stay organized. These tools are great at one specific role but lack when wanting to be productive and available in various scenarios. I want to build a platform that combines all the pros and eliminates the cons.


The goal for Prodtype is to focus on the core requirements to be productive in content, tasks, communication, and scheduling with the ability to extend. The core must be offline first, collaborative, and extensible. It needs to work on mobile, tablet, and desktop so that workflows can be accessible anywhere and anytime.

Technology Stack

  • Expo, React Native, React Native Web

  • Electron Desktop App

  • Mobx State Tree

  • AWS Serverless Architecture

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