My Story

For over 14 years in the software industry, I have spent my career at Runtriz. I have gained a wealth of experience from being an intern to leading the engineering team as the VP of Engineering. This journey has been fulfilling and educational. I've been lucky enough to be a part of great teams, nurture my leadership skills, and work with some great people in the industry.

My time in the industry has also fostered my entrepreneurial itch. Yearning to take charge of my destiny, I am now keen on exploring new territories as a full-stack founder. With a deep understanding of the engineering domain and robust experiences, I am well-prepared to face this challenging yet thrilling endeavor.

This year, I focus on developing software solutions that drive individuals and companies to reach their maximum potential. The critical areas of focus are efficiency, prioritization, and user experience. Presently, I'm working on these ventures:

  1. Legendary UI Kit - This is an extensive collection of React Native components and templates designed to simplify the creation of superior user interfaces for iOS, Android, and web applications. The ultimate aim here is to speed up the development process while ensuring the user interface quality remains high across all platforms.

  2. Prodtype - This suite of tools is all about improving productivity, speeding up workflows, and enhancing team collaboration. It's designed to help individuals and teams work more effectively and efficiently.

With my significant experience in software, I am eager to apply that knowledge to my ventures and see where my business journey leads.