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Save everything, organize, automate and integrate with any application

Content management software that is offline, sharable, and organized. Each content can have automation for repetitive tasks, and users can get notified for review or spaced learning.


I want to build an offline-first note application that can automatically organize content based on its type and set up automation for specific content that will remind me to review and learn.

I currently have to use several different applications with repetitive tasks done manually. For example, I add words to a notion table to improve my vocabulary but need to add definitions and review them manually. I can add articles to Pocket App and read them later, but save that reference to other content manually. I can take screenshots of my applications to display on my website but manually upload them to my computer, then to AWS S3 and add each record to the database.

Technology Stack

  • Nextjs
  • Mobx State Tree
  • AWS Serverless Architecture


  • Continuing this project in React Native as Prodtype v2



Prodtype V1 Documents

Prodtype V1 Documents

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