Runtriz Native Platform

Project information

Innovative digital solutions for hotels, casinos and hospitality enterprises

The Runtriz Native Platform is an agnostic white-labeled native application built for hotels. The app services the hotel guest and offers digital functionality to discover brand destinations, book rooms, and access all in-room features from their mobile device. These services include:

  • Skipping the line to check-in and out
  • Mobile key access to unlock the door
  • Adjust the thermostat before you arrive
  • Dim the lights without having to get out of bed
  • Order room service
  • Chat with hotel staff


The motivation for building the Runtriz Native Platform is to offer an affordable option for hotels. Custom native development can get very expensive, especially if you want to serve all users and the various devices. At Runtriz, we've had over ten years of experience building a web platform, and we want to bring that experience to native platforms.


The goal is to build an agnostic platform that can be white-labeled for any hotel brand and handle the various integrations for loyalty, property management, locks, point of sale, housekeeping, and in-room devices.

Technology Stack

  • React Native with Expo
  • Mobix State Tree
  • AWS Lambda



  • Loyalty Login
  • Guest's Hotel Services
  • Property Management Reservations
  • Destinations
  • Brand Information
  • Notifications
  • Mobile key


  • In-room devices
  • Check-in
  • Check out


This project is in active development.